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Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln models also include these accessories: 

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 333 customers ratings and reviews

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Lincoln Series Safe/ Liberty Safe
written by Jacob on February 12, 2019
It is a great safe I highly recommend to family and friends. It's U.S.A made great quality and workmanship. The life time warranty is awesome. The workers are very professional and very helpful. I would not get any other safe brand. Liberty safe is the way to go!!

Very happy with Lincoln Series Safe
written by twinbugles on January 21, 2019
Very happy with Lincoln Series Safe.

written by Just purchased on January 13, 2019

written by Gregory Paul on January 6, 2019

written by Kurt K on January 4, 2019

Best safe ever....
written by C.A.P. Inc. on December 28, 2018
Absolutely beautiful safe along with being the best safe build. This safe is awesome, the best of the best.

Lincoln 40 - Simply Beautiful
written by Meghan F. on November 29, 2018
I purchased the Lincoln 40 and love it. It just arrived today as my early Christmas present and I keep opening it just to look at how beautiful it is. it is worth every penny. You will be glad you didn't go with a lesser quality product.

Locked and secure
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Second Safe
written by Gman on November 24, 2018

Important Protection!
written by RPR on October 23, 2018
The Lincoln safe is a well crafted investment in personal security. It is solid comprehensive system with flexibility to respond to changing storage needs and easy to access when needed!

written by Reyes on October 23, 2018
I love the product! The staff is extremely professional and helpful

The Safe
written by Reggie Miller on October 13, 2018
This safe is one of the nicest ones i have ever opened.
the inside is super customizable, and the door organizer is perfect.

The staff at the showroom were super helpful, and patient. didn't push you one way or the other.
The showroom is equipped to entertain your kid while you browse. My 6yr old was quiet and occupied with the toys in the play area while i looked around.
Actually colored a picture for the salesman.

the safe itself is outstanding, door swings effortlessly, interior is well lit. Exterior finish is top notch.
Cant imagine what they added to the next level up to improve on things.

written by Jon F on October 9, 2018

written by Sarge on October 3, 2018

written by Chris on September 23, 2018
Very happy with this safe and happy to know if stood up to extreme fire conditions.

Bill C.
written by Bill C. on September 13, 2018
Great safe. Third one I've purchased since 2009. The first was an L25, which I quickly outgrew. Next two are L50. I recommend to buy a large safe from the start, it'll save you money and time.

Gun safes
written by Asparagus King on September 9, 2018
I was looking for a safe to store my guns and valuables and Liberty safes met all my needs with selection and quality.

Lincoln Safe Purchase
written by Bear on July 26, 2018
The dealership Liberty SAfes of San Joe where excellent. They where professional and gave excellent customer service.
The safe we selected, Lincoln Series Safe suited our particular needs.

written by Mark on July 21, 2018
Love the exterior and the interior. Great quality and it's made in the USA. I'm happy with the safe. ????????

We liked our fist safe so much, we bought another.
written by Samuel Clemens on July 20, 2018
The Lincoln 25 has a great fire rating and locking mechanism. The interior is just what we needed, really adjustable. It looks like a piece of furniture, attention to detail and quality shows. This is our second safe from Liberty.

Lincoln 25 is perfect for smaller spots
written by Clayton in CA on July 17, 2018
Got the lincoln 25 due to limited room and bolted it into a slab for extra security. Love the finish, hardware is solid and the quality is obvious. Hands down worth the investment!

Judd Review
written by JJ on July 14, 2018

Worlds #1 safes
written by Mendez 408 on June 29, 2018
It was a great experience buying a safe at the San Jose retailer store , peace of mind having a safe now and so far I love this Lincoln series safe I bought, I recommend this safes to anyone, well made and awesome warranty I'm glad I was able to buy one , thanks to Isaac from liberty safes in San Jose ca .

Nothing better than a Liberty!
written by Loc on June 6, 2018
Enough Said!

LIberty Quality
written by Tristan on April 21, 2018
This is the second Liberty safe I've owned. I bought the first long before being married, and we ended up selling it in anticipation of several moves. Every other safe I've looked at in passing in places like Costco or sporting goods stores just looked cheap in comparison to Liberty. My wife finally realized that even she missed having a safe for the guns, important papers, jewelry and such. She decided to surprise me for Christmas and went straight back to Liberty when she saw a 0% financing event. We both love the new safe - same Liberty quality and attractive finish, but this time with some nice included features like the door organizer, electric outlet and LED lighting. I wouldn't buy a safe anywhere else.

Excellent Experience
written by Tim on April 3, 2018
We found the dealer showroom and sales process to be very helpful and informative.
The installation team was punctual and professional.
Overall an excellent experience.

Love my Liberty Safe!!
written by Mike on March 31, 2018
So far I couldn't be happier with my new Lincoln Liberty Safe. So glad I made the choice to buy a Liberty!!

The best customer service
written by Ed on March 24, 2018
Liberty Safes of West Sacramento have some of the best customer service I have encounter in a long time. They answered every questions I asked and when I had more I stopped by the store and asked more. Just Awesome people.

Review 2018
written by Oakie on March 17, 2018
Noticed no insulation at hinge points, how will that affect fire rating?

Exceptional Build Quality
written by Lincoln 40 Owner on March 9, 2018
Immeasurably above and beyond other competitors! The build quality is superb. The welds on the rear of the safe are tremendous. The sales staff was helpful and knowledgeable and helped me find every deal on every safe while comparing the use I would get from them. I highly recommend shopping at Liberty for your safe!

written by rangerrog on March 4, 2018

written by GabyM on March 2, 2018

Great Safe
written by J- Sacramento CA on March 1, 2018
Great Safe - Fast Delivery, professionally installed, on time - answered all my questions before departure.

written by Rich on March 1, 2018

Upgraded from Franklin 25 to Lincoln 50
written by Happy customer in El Dorado Hills on February 27, 2018
I had the Franklin 25 which I purchased over 15 years ago. My brother wanted to buy his first safe; I wanted to upgrade to a larger size. So I sold the Franklin 25 to my brother and purchased the Lincoln 50. The only advice you need is to always buy a bigger safe than you think you need! The Lincoln 50 has a 90 minute fire rating, is twice as big, has LED lighting which I love, premium door panel with cool pockets, and the dehumidifier and quick connect power outlet. I also opted for the D-Drive E Lock. I love the ease of entry and the lighted interior especially! This time I opted for painted model, the gray marble, and it looks great! I could not be happier with my second safe purchase from Liberty Safes! There was promotion going on; Liberty paid the sales tax! They also delivered and installed my old safe at my brother's house for a very reasonable charge. I would not hesitate to purchase a safe again from Liberty.

Grandfather's guns finally have a
written by Wild eyed Dave on February 17, 2018
It looks great is very well set up and came with about all the bells and whistles, I am very pleased with my new purchase and I'll have it for years to come. Thanks Liberty Safes of Sacramento!!!

First Gun Safe
written by Old Guy on February 13, 2018
Very happy with Liberty Safes Of San Jose. No pressure, patient with all my questions and informative. The staff help me make a choice based on my needs and his recommendations the met my needs. I would highly recommend Liberty Safes of San Jose for anyone looking for a quality safe with a professional staff and delivery/installation personnel.

Gun Safe
written by ESJ on February 8, 2018
Bought my safe from Liberty Safes of Sacramento the first of the year. Found the sales staff attentive and very good at assessing my requirements for a gun safe. The selection of Safes was more that adequate and was not pressured to purchase something i really did not need. Felt that I got my money's worth. The Delivery was seamless and prompt. The employees that delivered and installed were exceptional and met the time allotted for the delivery. Very professional all around and a very good product. I feel much better with my guns in a safe.

written by Customer on February 7, 2018

written by W.C. Fonebone on January 23, 2018
Good product at a reasonable price

written by Rusty haller on January 22, 2018
Was very surprised at economical price for very nice quality awesome service great delivery and friendly staff

Liberty Safe equals high quality and high touch service!
written by Cal on January 19, 2018

Lincoln has always been one of my favorites
written by R. King on January 15, 2018
The antique gloss on the Lincoln is beautiful and it is equally matched by the interior. Love the features on this safe especially the fire protection and lifetime warranty. Made in the USA! Semper Fi

Lincoln Safe
written by Ryan on January 2, 2018
Purchase this safe when I moved into my new home. Love the safe and the textured bronze finish. As a reminder with any safe with the power outlet accessory, leave enough room behind the safe and wall to plug in future wires ( data, usb or safe alert antenna). It's a real pain after it's been anchored to the floor. Other than that this safe is amazing and love all the different shelving options you can create. Worth the money!

Lincoln 25
written by 911Sicilian on January 1, 2018
I purchased Lincoln 25 At local Liberty Retailer in San Jose. Staff was really knowledgeable and had great customer service. I just received my safe the day after Christmas. The delivery staff was also great. I would recommend Liberty Safe.

Great price for the quality, and made in the USA!
written by LVHNTMT on December 27, 2017
The Liberty Lincoln 50 is very hard to beat. The quality and finish on this safe is great. I shopped for a year before choosing this safe. Their wide selection of safes made it easy to get exactly what I wanted and needed. I wanted a good fire rating, large for future needs, quality construction, and made in the USA! This safe has it all. Absolutely no misgivings about this purchase and I would recommend Liberty Safe in the future.

First time Buyer
written by Jason on December 25, 2017
We paid additional for the D-Drive lock and it seems it is loosely fitted, though it would feel more like a permanent fixture.

Great Safe!
written by P & D V on December 20, 2017
Looks like a great safe, safe. Made in America is very important to me. Quality and warranty are very important to me. I like dealing with companies that have been in business a long time and have a great customer service attitude and program.

Excellent High Quanlity Company
written by Ninerbod on December 5, 2017

A pleasant consumer experience
written by Mike From Cobb on November 29, 2017
After a devastating wildland fire in Northern California in which many homeowners lost everything including their safes and contents, I was appalled to find that my safe manufacturer Sportsman Steel Safe Co. would not honor my replacement warranty because all my records had been lost, in their safe. After extensive research through my credit card company,I was able to determine the date purchased and price as the safe co. could not do so. I was told their records only went back two years. My neighbor had lost his Liberty safe in the massive fire but had no problem receiving a replacement. Upon his decision to move out of country, I was offered an opportunity to purchase his new safe which I jumped on partly because I was in the market but also because of his excellent dealings with Liberty. I love the safe's layout and quality ease of operation. I have and will continue to recommend Liberty safes to all my friends. It is beautiful and my wife is pleased to have it in our new home.

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