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Tons of Features • Compact Design

When space is at a premium, look no further than the best compact safe to meet that need... Liberty Safe PREMIUM 20! Specifically built to fit within a 24 inch deep closet or any custom location, this safe has 75-mins of fire protection and ample security. Beautifully trimmed and fully customizable interior. Packed with features like an electronic lock and 2 jewelry doors...the Premium 20 is a sweet safe in a compact package.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,049
Payments starting as low as $46.61 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Premium 20 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.8 out of 5 stars for 34 customers ratings and reviews

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Premium 20
written by Big Boy on January 9, 2019
My premium 20 Liberty safe that I bought from a West Sacramento dealership is such a great buy. I recommend this great safe to anyone .It's perfect for houses with limited space as well as houses with adequate space but need to hide or conceal a lot better. It's fully loaded with all the bells and whistle's and also perfect for your wife with that awesome jewelry collection of hers . The staff at liberty safe in West Sacramento are super awesome very helpful and patient and very knowledgeable about all the liberty collections . So if you're looking or in the market to buy a safe the brand is liberty and the place to buy from is in West Sacramento California and one of the most important things that I should mention is they have free coffee .

written by The Trapper on August 24, 2018
Don't know yet sittin on the pallet still!!!!

Just Right!
written by Mike in CraziCali on February 24, 2018
Bought this safe to replace an older safe that the manufacturer was bought out by someone else. The electronic lock failed on the old safe and the new company would not take care of my problem, so I looked at Liberty safe and was obviously the right company to go with for the long term investment. I feel very comfortable now and I am sure there will not be this issue again or when it gets passed down to someone in my family.

Great Quality and Lifetime Warranty!
written by G. Green on January 26, 2018
Great safe interior with many compartments for storage.
Flex interior is a great additive.
The life time warranty is great, and the delivery service was outstanding!

...all secure!
written by one picky dude on February 25, 2017
Solid build. Fit and finish has exceeded all expectations. The price to feature ratio worked perfect for our budget. The warranty, reputation, and customer service sealed the deal.

Professional and Knowledgeable Representatives
written by The Lopez Family on February 3, 2017
The representatives were approachable, professional and very knowledgeable about a variety of safes. Very helpful to decide which was best suited for us. Thank you!

Awesome Safe
written by Jason R on January 26, 2017
A no brainier for a closet. Comes with many accessories including jewelery boxes lighting, door accessory and electrical supply for additional gadgets. Kudos. Highly recommended.

Safe and Secure
written by American Patriot on October 9, 2016
Very please with my Liberty Safe. It's well made in the USA and has all the features I want to protect my valuables!

Owner of a 2nd Great Liberty Safe
written by Matt, Walnut Creek CA. on September 22, 2016
After 30 years in law enforcement I needed and additional gun safe. I wanted a fire rated safe for both personal items and weapons, both Hand and long guns. My older Liberty Safe (25+ years old) was not fire rated. It was also full. I knew I wanted another Liberty Safe. During their Labor Day Sale, we found the Premium 20, it wasn't too big, but still was 12 gauge steel and made in the USA. That was it. Highly recommend Liberty Safes to my friends and family.

Quality look and feel
written by Richie B on August 27, 2016
Haven't had the safe long but what's not to like. Looks and feels well built has a great warranty. Also like the added feeling of security. Purchased the Premium CT 20 I like the options the CT 20 comes with.

Liberty Premium
written by Racquet Man on April 20, 2016
Just took delivery today of my new Premium 20 Safe. It looks beautiful inside and out. Compartments are just the right size and adjustable. Service was excellent. It was delivered on time, bolted to the floor and lights installed.

Liberty Review
written by GoldenT on March 14, 2016
Nice safe overall. Would be nicer if it were a bit thicker on the metal, but then the cost would greatly increase. The safe serves it's purpose.

Excellent Safe & Expertise Sales Staff
written by Geri, San Jose, CA on March 7, 2015
I'm so grateful for the assistance of the team at "Liberty Safes of San Jose" who helped me make one of the most important purchases of my life. There was no "sales pressure" but they were just very informational and eager to answer any questions and ensure that ended up purchasing what I needed, but not what they wanted me to buy. I was not "oversold" but very educated throughout the entire process. I was in and out of there in less than 1 hour and they delivered the product on time and in perfect condition exactly one week later to accommodate my schedule. The delivery team was on time, courteous and professional and did a complete install. I would recommend Liberty Safes of San Jose to anyone if you're in the market for safes, vaults or accessories. I purchased this on behalf of my husband and he could not have been more thrilled with my selection when he finally laid his hands on it!

written by Knudson on December 27, 2014
Love the look, love the security, love the safe.

Great Safe!
written by I. P. Daily on June 18, 2014
I especially like the e-kit to store and run a disk drive inside the safe.

Why a Second Safe???
written by Dr. Dave on May 31, 2014
I bought my first safe to keep my guns safe from children, grandchildren, and secure from theft. Along the way my Dad and Father-in-law passed their guns to me which really fills my old Liberty series Safe with long-guns. I no longer had room for important papers, coins, or jewelry to be easily reached.

Buying my new Premium 20 Series Safe provides 2 jewelry drawers for my wife and ample shelves to keep family treasures, coins, and important legal documents safe from fire or other calamity. The safe has the model 2007 Electronic Direct Drive push button lock that my wife can easily operate, which means she uses the safe!! That's exactly why I bought it!

Best Experience Making An Expensive Purchase
written by Satisfied Safe Owner in San Martin, CA on April 27, 2014
We decided we needed a gun safe and spent a weekend looking and talking about safes at our local big box and home improvement stores. We were not satisfied with the level of knowledge about safes and the assistance in set up and delivery. My wife and I got into a conversation with our local gun shop owner and his wife about our experience and they showed us the safes they used for their store. Based on their recommendation, we visited the local Liberty Safe dealer in San Jose and were blown away with the friendliness, level of professionalism and just plain common sense answers to our questions. Needless to say, we purchased immediately.

premium safe
written by born to travel on April 21, 2014
Good size, sturdy and heavy. Needs more shelves that are moveable for jewelry. Fits easily into closet.

Premium 20 safe
written by Elias Weiner on April 17, 2014

Perfect safe for our application
written by 2nd safe owner on April 2, 2014
Perfect fit for a closet or limited space. Small size exclosure, but excellent utilization of interior space. Such a beautiful safe for a closet, kind of a shame to have it hidden from normal view.

Highly recommend the Premium 20 Series!

Great Safe
written by Mick on March 26, 2014
I mainly purchased a Liberty safe because it was made in America. The inside layout was well thought-out and fits my needs.

Excellent Quality for reasonable price
written by gary on January 5, 2014

Great safe
written by Safety John on January 2, 2014
Overall, this safe is really nice. The size is perfect for our closet and holds a ton of stuff. The integrated door panel is solid. My only issue is that the shelves are not level. The two inner wall tracks are about 1/2 lower than the two outer wall tracks. Still not sure if its worth the hassle to unscrew the tracks and adjust them.

Premium 20 for the closet
written by E-rock on October 31, 2013
It was delivered and installed by Liberty Safe of Sacramento. They showed up promptly as scheduled, prepared the safe while it was still in the truck. They moved it into the house with a dolly equipped to step over the sliding glass doors frame so it wouldn't be damaged. They put the safe in place checking with me a few times to make sure it was where I wanted it before hammer-drilling the holes for the anchors. They cleaned up after themselves and vacuumed. They also gave detailed instructions on how to set the combination and who to call if I had any troubles. A very satisfactory experience.

Perfect safe, perfect fit and awesome customer service
written by Reva Zone on August 18, 2013
I spent a long time looking for the right safe. Once I looked at all the benefits of getting a Liberty safe (fire protection, delivery, customer service), it was an easy decision to make. I'm glad I waited and didn't buy the first safes I looked at. There were too many horror stories with buying from general retailers. I went with Liberty Safe because they are a company that is focused on safes.

My 1st Safe
written by Karl Salmonson on July 3, 2013
I am very pleased all around with my first gun-safe purchase. Took my time, asked a lot of questions over a period of years (along with saving up some $$$) and ended up with a safe that really fits my needs, along with a confident sense of security.

Premium 20
written by Dog-Gone Happy on July 1, 2013
Quality and made in the USA!

Good Value for the price
written by Michael P. on June 6, 2013
Although this safe is a good deal for the price, I almost wish I would have purchased a safe body with a thicker gauge steel than the 12 gauge on the Premium 20.

The size is perfect for a hall closet and the 4 bolt holes in the corners allowed me to thru bolt this safe to the sub-floor and hold from below - and tighten from above. Thus fully integrating the safe into the floor for security.

Excellent Product
written by Suny Mac on May 5, 2013
Very pleased with this safe. Quality, durability, fire rating and warranty were major factors in our decision. The great layout on the interior was a wonderful bonus.

They're Big and They're Ugly
written by Tim Alexander on March 24, 2013
This is how my conversation started out with my wife when I told her that I thought we should get a gun safe. "They're big and they're ugly and I don't want one in my house." After she looked at a few options at a home show, she started to warm up to the fact that we really should have one. Cost was a factor as was where are we going to put the thing. We found a model that would fit in a closet and found some options on the interior that she liked. Quality and professional salesmanship led us to get the Premium 20 and we could not be happier. The only issue with the safe is that it is now full. We have loaded it with documents, guns, ammo, family photos, jewelry, and various other items. We are very pleased that we made the purchase and already feel more secure and safe.

Perfect closet safe
written by Stephen W. on March 23, 2013
I bought the Premium 20 to fit in a small closet to secure and protect firearms, documents and valuables. The quality is very nice, especially compared to some of the big box store offerings. It does cost more, but its a very sound investment in a product made here in the USA with a solid reputation for doing its job. The lifetime warranty is nice, but knowing that what I put in there is going to be safe and secure is more valuable than any warranty.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that the velcro that comes with the lights is garbage and needs to be much stronger, but I eliminated this problem by installing the power plug kit and using an led light kit. It would be nice if the power plug kit was included for the price, but its not obscenely priced, so its a no brainer.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase. After talking with the helpful staff, I learned a lot and considering the value of the items I keep in my safe, purchasing a low quality safe based on its cheap price just wasn't an option.

Premium 20
written by P Norcal on March 17, 2013
Fit inside standard closet. Good size for home use. Quick to open.

Love my new Premium 20!
written by Gary on March 7, 2013
Just got my new safe delivered. Very impressed with the quality, fit and finish. Fits very nicely in our closet and really like the auto key pad. Interior flexibility is great, and really like the door organizer, adds allot of funtional storage to the safe. The interior auto light work great and illuminates well, can't be happier with my purchase of a Liberty safe. Thanks for a great product, I will have a peace of mind knowing my guns and valuables are now well protected.

Great Product, San Jose staff needs customer service training
written by M. Miller on February 15, 2013
I submitted specific comments to the Liberty Safe factgory regarding a staff person in San Jose. I love Libery products. I have owned a Liberty Presidential for about 10 years, and now I have ordered a smaller Liberty Premium for my closet in another house. I have recommended Liberty to everyone I know that expresses an interest in purchasing one. I will discourage them from using the San Jose store. GO TO SACRAMENTO TO BUY YOUR LIBERTY SAFE.